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April 2014 Archives

How can St. Paul residents protect their finances?

Investment and spending decisions can be sensitive matters, and therefore individuals often want to act only on the advice of individuals they know and trust. With this in mind, it makes sense that individuals should likewise only want individuals they know and trust to handle their finances if they are unable to do so. If someone is unable to control their own finances because of an incapacity, for example, they will want other trusted people to make financial decisions on their behalf.

New ways to reduce Minnesota inheritance taxes

With summer just around the corner, many Minnesota residents who spent the winter in the southern part of the country will soon be returning to Minnesota. It is common for so-called snowbirds to split the time they spend in Minnesota and elsewhere, due to the difference in the weather between the different states.

Actor Mickey Rooney disinherits children in final will

Every St. Paul family has disputes from time to time. For some, the disputes can linger for years and lead to a permanent change in the relationship between the family members. In these circumstances, individuals may wonder what inheritance issues may arise under estate planning law, and whether some heirs are automatically entitled to a share in the distribution of property of a deceased family member.

Estate planning tips for those who have children later in life

The modern American family has changed substantially over the decades, including here in Minnesota. One key difference is that many individuals are having children later in life, which leads to a different family dynamic than when individuals have children at a younger age.

Changes to MN gift and estate tax means change in estate plan

With just days left in the 2014 tax season, many St. Paul residents are working on getting their returns filed. This may be even truer this year than in years past, as State officials have urged individuals to wait to prepare their returns due to a pending tax relief bill before the Minnesota Legislature.