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January 2014 Archives

Change in estate plan causes battle between heirs

It is not uncommon for St. Paul residents to change their mind from time to time, particularly after situations change over time. The same is true in estate planning, as a person may decide to change the distribution of their assets over time.

Updating a living will key to carrying out a person's wishes

Many Minnesota residents enjoy heading South for the Winter to escape the cold weather. For some, this becomes a yearly venture, as the snow-birds take up residence in states with far nicer climates during the Winter months. While this escape can be a relief from the cold weather, it could also present some legal issues when it comes to a person's estate plan if the person does not have the right documents in place.

Passing property after death outside a will

There is often more than one road to the same destination. Sometimes, however, it may be more advantageous to take one road over the other. This is the case in estate planning, as St. Paul residents may have several tools at their disposal to accomplish certain goals, while one tool may be more effective for their personal circumstances.

Estate planning is important for young adults, too

The lives of many St. Paul young adults are busy, as they juggle the demands of work, school or other activities. Faced with this busy schedule, it can sometimes seem difficult to plan for events that are seemingly far ahead in the future and that do not have an impact on their current daily lives.