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Is there anything you shouldn't put in your will?

Creating a will is an essential part of any estate plan. A will documents how your assets will be distributed after you pass away. While there are many benefits of having a will, many people don't have one in the United States. A will can make sure your wishes are carried out and can also provide guidance on who should care for your minor children if you pass away. 

Wills can address a variety of different issues that many people may fail to consider on their own. Wills can protect your assets and make sure your wishes are being honored. This can include designating who will inherit your property and passing down family heirlooms along with more specific issues. 

A will is a vital legal document to have, and it can help keep your family from arguing and contesting your will after you pass away. While there is a lot of discussion on what to include in a will, is there anything you should avoid putting in your will?

Every person's will is unique and requires several considerations while being drafted. However, there are a few different provisions that don't belong in a will. One issue that some people try to include in their will is funeral plans. Wills cannot dictate what happens to your body after you pass away so it is best to discuss funeral plans with the executor of your will. Some people like to document that their funeral expenses will be paid for out of their estate, which can be put in your will. It is important to note that you should not use pre-paid funeral plans as some may be scams. 

Life insurance and retirement account beneficiaries should not be not listed in your will as these benefits will only go to the beneficiary listed in the plan regardless of what your will states. It is important to update your beneficiaries as needed to make sure the proper person will receive your benefits. 

Creating a will may seem challenging but it doesn't have to be. Understanding what should be included in your will and what you can avoid should help make the process much easier and more beneficial for your loved ones. 

Source: FindLaw, "5 Things You Shouldn't Include in Your Will," Brett Snider, Nov 13, 2013

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