Recreational, Hunting Land and Cabins

Buying and owning hunting or recreational land and cabins is an investment that, like many, appears safe and uncomplicated. People are filled with excitement when they finally fulfill a long awaited dream and think of all the wonderful things in store. For most people, their investments remain safe and straightforward, with each passing day leading to another without any change from what was anticipated.

PFB Law, Professional Association helps its clients understand, anticipate and plan for changed circumstances by being prepared for unforeseen circumstances, thereby protecting their investment. The quality of this knowledge and ability comforts the minds of clients by knowing anything unfortunate has been evaluated and prepared for.

Over the past forty years, clients have turned to PFB Law, Professional Association for help in the following areas important to owning hunting or recreational land and cabins:

  • The Purchase and Sale of Real Estate
  • Estate Planning
  • Protecting Individual Owners in Shared Real Estate Transactions
  • Renting & Leasing
  • Title or Boundary Disputes
  • Wetland Restrictions


Much to the dismay of individuals ending up on the wrong side of a deal, a little more foresight into what can, and does, occur in the purchase or sale of property could have been their saving grace. Real estate transactions involve a complex network of laws, regulations, requirements and forms. PFB Law, Professional Association can aid in that process.

The real estate lawyers at PFB Law, Professional Association do facilitate reliable and trustworthy transactions by:

  • Reviewing the real estate transaction processes
  • Reviewing real estate condition reports
  • Drafting and reviewing offers to purchase and counter offers
  • A Assisting through the environmental and financing stages
  • Examining title to real estate and as an agent for title companies, issuing title insurance
  • Working with title insurance companies and reviewing title insurance commitments
  • Representing and advising you at closing
  • Reviewing, Drafting or Advising on a Contract for Deed

The best planners and providers in the world can have estate problems. Unfortunately, some individuals and families don't give their own estate much, or enough, attention. Who really gets the family hunting land and property? Can each family member really work together if the estate plan does not provide the specific road map? For this reason, we strive to create a comfortable process to put these important affairs in order.

PFB Law, Professional Association creates, updates and improves estate plans clients can have confidence in. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of estate planning, probate and trust law. Some clients have very specific problems. We listen carefully and propose sophisticated solutions to incorporate in their wills and suggest powerful trust provisions, including generation-skipping trusts, irrevocable trusts and living trusts.

Estate planning is something we care deeply about at PFB Law, Professional Association We are proud to have helped people from every walk of life, who take the time to put into order the financial details that can seem overwhelming at times.


Hunting and recreational land and cabin owners obtain the most comfort by understanding a shared transaction, even among friends and family, is best treated as a business transaction. Treating it so may initially seem too formal or legal, but those perceptions give way to a realization that everyday occurrences can, and do, happen, changing that simple relationship. Marital or financial changes occur every day. By treating the relationship as a business, protections are established to leave nothing to chance when a simple relationship no longer remains simple.

So what does treating your relationship as a business do? It anticipates the unexpected and puts to the forefront situations that can and will arise. All parties to the relationship can discuss how they want to handle a financial issue by one party or a divorce. When a party has financial problems, will the property be automatically sold or does the other party have the option to purchase it? When a party gets divorced, does the other party run the risk of a spouse now being the co-owner of the property?

PFB Law, Professional Association assists in every aspect of creating the business deal appropriate for your situation. We help with:

  • Formation
  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Insurance coverage
  • Tax considerations


Many hand shake deals proceed without a hitch; especially when it comes to renting or leasing recreational or hunting land. Every hand shake deal, however, is left to the eyes of the beholder which can, unfortunately, result in differing views. These differing views then lead to failed or messy relationships!

What seems so simple, renting or leasing land, does not have to be that complex. Merely putting it to writing, and a writing that covers each person's entire view, removes it from the eyes of the beholder. Clients use PFB Law, Professional Association to understand the full impact of a lease and each potential component. We help with many possible lease terms, including:

  • Length or Term of Lease
  • Renewal
  • Property/Land Use Restrictions
  • Boundary/Area Configuration
  • Improvement Restrictions & Limitations
  • Options to Purchase
  • Insurance Coverage Considerations
  • Provisions Addressing a Subsequent Sale
  • Provisions Addressing Transfer/Assignment
  • Varying Default Provisions from Non-Payment to Owner Use Restrictions to Hunting Violations


What happens when the fence line isn't the actual boundary line? Many northern and western Minnesota properties have legal descriptions determined by a system called "metes and bounds". This system has been around since our country was established with varying and improving tools of measurement. One can imagine that the accuracy of such descriptions is not always exact. On rivers and lakes, these in-exact descriptions can have enormous consequences because of the value of the property. PFB Law, Professional Association assists clients in avoiding such potential problems through the purchase and sale of the property or resolving the problem through practical and efficient solutions.

Title problems and disputes can similarly arise. Whether the in-exact legal description gives rise to an unmarketable title, a fence line or adverse possession claim, or other title issues develop, PFB Law, Professional Association helps with:

  • Obtaining and Understanding Surveys
  • Title Curative Court Actions
  • Title Insurance Claims and Disputes
  • Obtaining and Drafting Deeds or Easements


When it comes to wetland restrictions, the saying "It is better to ask for permission than forgiveness" - definitely applies. Understanding and recognizing when and how to get permission makes life much easier. PFB Law, Professional Association helps clients recognize when wetland restrictions may apply to their property and how to address those wetlands. Even something like path or road construction on hunting or recreational property can be impacted by wetland restrictions.

Determining whether wetland restrictions apply, filing out an application for a wetland project or sorting out that wetland project looking for forgiveness, PFB Law, Professional Association assists clients along the way. Given the expansive application of wetland restrictions and the local state and federal organizations involved in restricting wetlands at different levels, people find the assistance of counsel essential to success.

There are solutions to every conflict. Resolve your real estate problems - call the Minnesota real estate dispute attorneys at PFB Law, Professional Association at 651-968-1022.