Financial Services Law

PFB Law, Professional Association, represents banks and credit unions in actions ranging from transactions to litigation. We work with a broad range of financial institutions, both publicly and privately owned, along with their affiliates.

Business-Minded Minnesota Bank Attorneys

We act as the legal arm for our clients performing four primary services:

  • Regulatory compliance. We provide comprehensive regulatory counsel, helping clients ensure compliance with the numerous federal and state laws that govern the industry.
  • Foreclosures. We have a successful track record of conducting clean, delay-free foreclosures.
  • Creditor remedies and bankruptcy. Our attorneys are skilled in developing creative plans of reorganization, counseling in the acquisition of assets, leases or claims, litigating contested matters and assisting creditors with involuntary filings.
  • Financial litigation. Our aim is to resolve your financial disputes as quickly, as affordably and as effectively as possible.

Effective St. Paul Bank and Credit Union Attorneys

Our lawyers also work on a wide variety of other services:

  • Drafting complex asset-based commercial loan packages
  • Managing equity packages for commercial banks
  • Assisting with loan workouts, foreclosures and lender liability claims
  • Helping with the creation, formation and ownership of new banks
  • Advising on general corporate structuring

Reliable Financial Attorneys Serving the Twin Cities Market

Our firm's attorneys are experienced in all issues relating to banking, business finance and restructuring, debtors' and creditors' rights, commercial finance and real estate.

We invite you to come to us with banking-related issues, including commercial lending transactions, commercial collections, loan workouts and foreclosures, lender liability claims, along with personal banking and financial matters.

When you have need for sound and professional representation, contact the Minnesota financial attorneys at PFB Law, Professional Association, at 651-968-1022.