St. Paul Wills And Trusts Lawyers

Estate plans protect families, preserve property and provide peace of mind. Located in St. Paul, the attorneys at PFB Law, Professional Association, help individuals and families throughout Minnesota find peace of mind through strategic estate planning.

At PFB Law, Professional Association, we don't take a one-size-fits-all approach to estate planning. Instead, we develop strategic estate plans that are specifically tailored to meet each client's individual needs. We work closely with clients to incorporate wills and trusts into a comprehensive estate plan that ensures their final wishes are respected.

Helping Minnesotans Plan For The Future

Wills and trusts are common estate planning tools used to ensure properties are passed to the appropriate family member, streamline the probate process and preserve family legacy properties and businesses for the next generation.

At PFB Law, Professional Association, we help individuals draft wills that designate family members and friends to inherit, ensure family heirlooms are passed to the appropriate person and reduce the possibility of interfamily disputes. Wills also allow individuals to designate guardians to care for minor children in the event of their incapacity or death.

Depending on the types of properties you hold, the size of your estate and your long-term planning goals, a trust may be appropriate. At PFB Law, Professional Association, our attorneys will thoroughly examine your real estate and financial holdings, as well as your family dynamics, to determine whether a trust will serve your interests.

Trusts come in many different forms. When necessary to accomplish our clients' estate planning goals, our attorneys build the appropriate trust into clients' estate plans to save tax dollars, protect property from creditors and ensure property is properly managed after they are gone.

Twin Cities Wills And Trusts Lawyers: A Comprehensive Approach

A well-drafted estate plan, alone, is insufficient to affect your final wishes. At PFB Law, Professional Association, our estate planning attorneys work closely with the real estate and business law portions of our firm to ensure properties are appropriately titled, and partnership and business agreements are appropriately drafted to ensure our clients' assets will be governed by the terms of their estate plan.

Whether you need help protecting a family cabin or business, reducing your estate taxes, or ensuring a child's special needs are met, we can help. Contact the St. Paul wills lawyers of PFB Law, Professional Association, at 651-968-1022 or toll free at 866-561-3419.