St. Paul Special Needs Trust Lawyers

Raising a special needs child brings many unique challenges. Many disabled individuals are not able to live independently as adults, and require lifelong special care. Parents often are the primary caregivers, even after their children reach adulthood. However, many worry what will become of their disabled children after they are gone.

Located in St. Paul, the attorneys at PFB Law, Professional Association, help clients throughout Minnesota create special needs trusts that ensure their disabled children are well-cared for.

Protecting Disabled Children Into Adulthood

Many individuals wish to leave an inheritance to their children or grandchildren. However, when children or grandchildren are mentally or physically disabled, leaving assets outright under a will may cause these children to become disqualified for government assistance programs, such as Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

By placing funds and property in a special needs trust, your child or grandchild will be able to benefit from his or her inheritance while preserving his or her right to government benefits.

Government benefits provide many basic needs. However, creating a special needs trust allows parents to provide additional financial support that allows their disabled adult children to live more comfortable, full lives.

The trustee of a special needs trust is authorized to make discretionary distributions to the disabled beneficiary for the following purposes:

  • To buy products and services
  • To pay personal care attendants and physical therapy
  • To purchase home goods
  • For medical and dental expenses
  • For recreational purposes and entertainment
  • For vacation and travel expenses
  • To pay education costs

Supplemental Trust Attorney Serving Woodbury And The Twin Cities

If you are the parent of a mentally or physically disabled child, creating a special needs trust will allow you to provide financial support to him or her as an adult without forfeiting his or her government benefits, such as Medicaid and SSI. Contact PFB Law, Professional Association, at 651-968-1022 or toll free at 866-561-3419 to speak with an experienced St. Paul lawyer about creating a special needs trust for your disabled child.