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Located in St. Paul, PFB Law, Professional Association, has helped generations of Minnesotans care for their aging or incapacitated family members.

For more than 40 years, our attorneys have been helping clients use guardianships and conservatorships to safeguard their loved ones' financial assets, ensure their daily needs are met and prevent unscrupulous individuals from taking advantage of aging family members.

Conservatorship And Guardianship Attorneys Serving Woodbury And The Surrounding Communities

Individuals often become concerned about the mental capacity of their aging family members. As dementia, Alzheimer's or other mental or physical incapacities occur, it may be necessary for the younger generation to step in to make sure older family members are well-cared for.

When individuals can no longer provide for their own basic needs, the court can establish a guardianship and name a guardian to make personal decisions regarding the ward's basic needs, such as where he or she lives.

Conservatorships are used when an individual's mental capacity is such that he or she can no longer manage his or her financial affairs. As a conservator, there are many legal duties you must fulfill. In addition to prudently managing your conservatee's finances, you must keep exact financial records, pay all appropriate taxes and provide an annual accounting to any interested party.

Unless individuals have executed a power of attorney, naming an agent to manage finances on their behalf, it may be necessary to establish a conservatorship to ensure their financial affairs are handled appropriately.

At PFB Law, Professional Association, we help clients protect their aging or incapacitated family members through guardianships and conservatorships. Our attorneys also advise clients with established conservatorships and guardianships to ensure they are meeting their duties as conservator or guardian.

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