Estate Planning For Cabins And Recreational Land

In Minnesota, many individuals own recreational hunting lands, cabins and family farms through inheritance or through purchase.

Families spend generations building memories on these recreational properties, and many individuals want a way to ensure their children and grandchildren continue using and enjoying these properties after they are gone.

At PFB Law, Professional Association, we understand the financial and emotional interests associated with recreational properties, cabins and family farms. Our attorneys work closely with clients to build estate plans that keep family legacy properties in the family.

PFB Law, Professional Association: Helping generations of Minnesotan's preserve their hunting land, cabins and family farms.

Cabin, Family Farm And Hunting Land Succession

When developing an estate plan involving a cabin, family farm or piece of hunting land, it is important to have a clear understanding of the larger picture.

At PFB Law, Professional Association, our lawyers take the time to understand each client's unique position, the character of the property involved, and the family dynamics at play. Together, we build sophisticated estate plans that provide proper safeguards for family farms, cabins and hunting plans, and provide clients with peace of mind.

Some common estate planning vehicles used to safeguard recreational properties include:

  • Life estates
  • Family limited partnerships
  • Irrevocable trusts
  • Living trusts
  • Generation skipping transfers
  • Limited liability companies

Safeguarding Family Legacies For The Next Generation

Real estate matters involving recreational and hunting land, and cabins can often become complex. At PFB Law, Professional Association, we help individuals structure buy-sell agreements, facilitate property transactions and resolve property disputes in a manner that protects clients' personal and financial interests.

If you own, or co-own, a cabin, family farm or piece of hunting land, it is important to create an estate plan that safeguards this property for the next generation. Contact our St. Paul law office at 651-968-1022 or toll free at 866-561-3419 to create an estate plan for your cabin, hunting land or family farm.