St. Paul Business Succession Attorneys

You've spent years building up your business. As you near retirement age, you may be wondering how you will transition your business to the next generation. Conversely, you may be looking for a way to sell your business and liquidate its assets in a manner that provides you with retirement income.

Located in St. Paul, the attorneys at PFB Law, Professional Association, help Minnesota business owners plan what's next.

Business Succession Planning Lawyers Serving Woodbury And The Surrounding Areas

At PFB Law, Professional Association, our attorneys work closely with clients to determine their retirement needs and their wishes for the future of their businesses. Based on each client's individual needs, we will develop a business succession plan that takes advantage of the many tools in our arsenal.

If you want to sell your business to a family member or third party, our attorneys can help facilitate buy-sell agreements and installment sales that funnel proceeds into private annuities, grantor-retained annuity trusts and other vehicles that will provide you with retirement income and beneficial tax treatment.

If your goal is to keep your business in the family, our firm can help facilitate the transition through family limited partnerships and trusts that transfer ownership and preserve family business for the next generation.

Our attorneys also consider family dynamics while drafting business succession plans. We adjust our planning tools to account for complicated family relationships, prevent interfamily feuds and keep family-owned businesses intact.

Plan For The Future. Contact PFB Law, Professional Association.

At PFB Law, Professional Association, our estate planning, business and real estate attorneys work collaboratively to develop business succession plans that further our clients' future business objectives. Contact our St. Paul business succession attorneys at 651-968-1022 or toll free at 866-561-3419 to schedule a consultation.